How do I hang out with my crush?

Ok so there is this boy I like and he is in one of my classes. We both laugh and make fun of each other. I'm pretty sure he is flirting with me. We have never hung out outside of class. And I want to sometime. I don't want to wait around and then when class is over he forgets about me. How do I ask him to hang out. What should I say.


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  • well if you are really sure he is flirting with you that means he likes you obviously but you never know exactly what could be on his mind like in which way he likes you ..for example he could flirt with you as a goofy .,funny , or a k0ol friend or he just likes to flirt a lot ect or he truly likes you and has a crush on you but still you never know if his into you as you are into him s0 just act chill and pretend like you don't have a crush on him and talk to him with confidence as if he was only a friend and say "hey we should hang out sometime ..or something that sounds friendly ...u could also ask him if he got aim or a page .. where you guys can't be contact on but once you ask him something don't act nervous ..big mistake it will make him think you are really into him ...first you have to get to know him and him to know you and when you guys do then there is the the right moment to express your feelings towards don't be scared or nervous and think it might be akward to ask him something nice like to hang out because you guys laugh together and pretty much make fun of each other which means its not weird to ask him something like to hang out it might be weirder if you guys didn't talk at all and you just randomly ask him to hang out with you lol


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  • i wouldn't hang out with him alone the first time this happens but I would just make plans with other people ~a movie per say and ask him if he would like to come along. say hey a whole bunch of people are going to the movies do you want to come with? just something as simple as that