When a guy is seeing two girls?

He was seeing me and another girl. I found out about it and me and the other girl talked. She told me she had been trying to dump him with out being a jerk for awhile as she lives in another state. And that she hasn't had feelings for him in months. He has stopped speaking to me completely while he is visiting that state. Since he knows I love him. Is he going to try to talk to me when he gets back? Or will he forever ignore me and never give closure?


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  • It seems like you're the "other woman" in this relationship.

    Jump ship bro.

    • I'm not worried about having been the other girl I just want closure. Is that even wrong though? I have no plans to stick around.

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    • the only people who can betray you are your friends

    • True


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  • even guys need some options it's not always girls who need it

    • The. Don't agree to be exclusive. Duh!

  • Si uts ok for women to "date" multiple men but men can't do the same? He doesn't owe you anything. You two are not engaged or married. Dating doesn't mean he belongs to you.

    • Well when he began dating we agreed exclusive so yeah it was a problem

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  • I'm going to give you the best advice leave him and find someone else this guy sounds like an idiot