(Girls) What do you think when a new guy acquaintance tries to friend you?

Title says it all. I feel like this is a weird grey area for social media.

Just sent it hopefully it works thanks guys =)


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  • Acquaintance? If i met them in person, why not? If they add me, and had any wrong ideas, stalking my profile would prove that i am in a happy relationship. So no, no problem with it. And if it becomes and issue, there's always a block button right?


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  • I would love if anyone tried to friend me :) it would make me feel wanted and special, so it is great to do that. If you would like a relationship with this person, talk to them more and if they answer all the time then great :) If they don't answer your messages, or reply late with saying sorry, they are just not that into you sorry :( But definitely would love my crush to talk to me. Please do it aha

  • It's just a new person on social media. If we talk great. If we don't, it's no big deal. I don't think anything of it until I start receiving messages and even then it's normally just friendly.

  • Nothing suspicious about him if that's what you're asking. Usually I ask him why he friended me just as a precaution. I just think he's being friendly.


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