Why does he only text me? we never talk on the phone..?

We have been talking for a month or so & we haven't hung out or anything, he seems like he is.into me though...


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  • it could be that he's sort of shy/insecure on the phone and in person, but it could also be a red flag. Cheaters and players tend to text more than call for some reason. (Found this out the hard way.


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  • I honestly have tried to suggest phone conversations with a lot of girls but they only seem to want to text. It gets real old and makes conversing such a pain in the ass.

  • Talking on the phone is girly thing talking for hours n hours. If I haven't hung out with you/being in a relationship, i wouldn't talk to you on the phone for even 5 minutes.
    Phone is for setting dates and serious matters, plus no genuine non-verbal interaction at there. Why would I do so?

    • We are not in a relationship though. We are just getting to know each other right now..

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  • If you don't want him to text anymore, tell him to call you.And. If he likes you so much, its curious that he hasn't made a point to see you in a month...just saying.

    • Well we were still in school & I saw him basically everyday in class!! We just got out for summer Friday...

    • Still, if you want him to call, mention it. Just because the two of you see each other in school doesn't mean he can't take you on a date.

    • OK when he texts me tomorrow I'll mention it..