Should I ask her out on Facebook?

So I'm friends with this girl on Facebook. I knew her in high-school but we didn't really talk. It's been a few years and I actually think she's really cute now and I like her attitude based on some of her posts. The problem is I never ever see her in person so I was thinking of just sending her a message that's says "hey I just wanted to say I think you're gorgeous and id like to take you out sometime. When are you free to get together?"


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  • Sounds good. Depending on how she is, she might feel that it's a bit strong, but hey, it's up to you. If a guy sent me a message like that, I'd wonder if he just wanted to go out with me because he thinks I'm "gorgeous" or if he really wants to talk to me and get to know me. Just putting it out there the kind of message you might give out.

    • Ok I appreciate your comment. How would you fix it? Any advice on what I could say differently

    • Hm, maybe some small talk first, like "how have you been" as lame as it sounds, and then after a bit of that, ask her, "hey, I was wondering if you'd like to grab a bite sometime." Maybe you can add on: "I know this great place for clam chowder." (or any other food/ restaurant)


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  • A guy used Facebook to contact me for a date. He said I was cute, and we spent a while messaging back and forth to get to know each other. After a few weeks, he asked me out. Four years later, and we're married! Don't come on too strong, or she'll back away. Try wooing her and asking her about herself. Most girls love that. :)

  • Dont, a guy once asked me out on Facebook and I thought it was weird. It doesn't truly convey the feelings. Maybe ask her if she wanted to grab a bite one day at lunch. Ten in person, tell her that she's gorgeous and you want to take her out a proper date.

  • Just putting it out there that most people are very different from their Facebook posts...

    • This is true but hey it's worth a shot just to see right?

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