Can a droid phone do this or did he change it himself?

My bf has a droid phone and it just did a new software update so it changed a few things. His texting use to be set so it deleted old messages and each person it only holds 200 texts. Last night I saw it changed and it doesn't delete the old ones and holds more then 200. I'm asked because I have trust issues so I would sometimes check his phone and when it was set to 200 I was able to see if he was texting this certain girl. I told him couple nights ago When we were arguing how I can see if he's been talking to her by that. He did a software up date this last Friday. He said he didn't change it and that it must of did it when he updated his phone. Is he telling the truth or did he change it? ?

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  • man oh man. the issue isn't the phone at all. can an update alter settings sure but probably not so that messages start getting deleted faster.

    fact is though your trust issues aren't going to be resolved by you rummaging through his phone and you should hope for more effective ways to build trust in your relationship

    • The messages don't get deleted faster. He use to have where it was set at 200 before he did the update.


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  • Some androids do it, depends on which one he has. If he did it himself it's possible he accidentally didn't port the messages over and also it depends on which format of android he went to. If it's kit kat 4.4.2 on a older phone then it could of happened.

    • I believe it is a droid razor

    • Yeah it's possible, software updates in android change almost everything sometimes.

  • I feel for your boy friend, no one deserves to be treated like the trash you treat him like.


What Girls Said 3

  • I think the real question you should be asking here is, "should my boyfriend and I get help for my trust issues?"

  • I think you need to either trust your boyfriend or break up. Good grief if you are upset about something this small you have nothing holding you together.

    • I'm not really upset about it I'm jw if his phone would do that.

  • How about trust him or dump him?