Can I fix it? Does she still like me?

This girl I'm dating is mad at me. She posted it to her Facebook saying that I really made her mad. One of her friends replied then stop talking to him. Then she said ok so that would mean she would block me. But I noticed that she still has me as her friend. So if she stopped talking to me wouldn't that mean she would of blocked me? Doesn't she still like me even though all this is happening?


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  • If you are still in her friendliest on Facebook, she has not blocked you. Blocking someone on Facebook means that you won't be a friend on Facebook as well as seeing that person's profile unlike unblocking. You guys can still talk about it either online or face-to-face to fix it and see if she still likes you like before or not.


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  • To be honest, people who take their situations to social media, instead of resolving the issue with there partner, strike me as immature. Especially, considering you were obviously able to see the post, and identify the subject to be you. If she does this once, I can guarantee it won't be the last time. I would say that if she decides she doesn't want to speak with you, don't get too offended. You can defiantly find someone who respects you enough to keep negative thoughts you, off her Facebook.

  • Keep apologizing say is your fault even is not
    Suck it up and apalogize just that
    Say "Im sorry" just that no explications unless she asks don't try to make it up unless she suggets
    Im sorry magic words you will see


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