Why is he acting like he cares about me now?

So I had a fwb. He didn't want anything more and I sorta wanted more but never pushed him. But we would only hook up a couple times a month for about 6 months. I lost interest because I need more than that. But I still keep I'm contact because he is my dealer. Anyways, so the last time he asked to have sex I told him I was seeing someone. He was all over me after that. Trying to have sex with me and hug me and kiss me but I didn't. It's been a month since then. So I text him trying to pay him for some weed and I happen to tell him I had a really bad day which I did. And now he acts like he's all concerned and cares if I'm okay. And asks if there is anything he can do for me and he is coming over to hang out. Why wasn't he like this before? Why now? Is this what some guys do when a girl they like has a fight with her boyfriend?


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  • Guys have a thing about girls they're doing. He doesn't want the sex to end. Get a new dealer and cut this guy out of your life. He doesn't wanna lose the P, he honestly could careless about being in a relationship with you.

  • Most people want what they can't have. It's just how it is. Sometimes guys act like they care and all that to wait when so something like a fight could make a girl vulnerable and make decisions based on emotion