Why guys hated when we asked them that dating word?

i wish people would dating me for who i am not just my sexy brown skin body and sex



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  • make sure that the guys who seem interested in you are interested in YOU first and like you said not just your physical appearance. make them get to know you

    some guys are only looking for sex or sexual intimacy but there are plenty of guys looking for more. just have to be patient and attentive

    • how do u know that anyway? <3

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    • thxs thats so sooooooooo good it made me cried

    • email me at tamara.guerrant@gmail.com


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  • What "dating word" is that?

    • i like to have sex every day and be with a man for life

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    • i know but they need to chill

    • Yes they do. It's a big turn-off for guys to be too eager: they look needy and full of self-esteem issues. You need a good man that appreciates you for you and is able to be your rock.

  • I intend to wait till i'm married to have sex, so by that rule I have to be looking at your personality rather than your body. I am one of those guys that is looking for more than just sex.

    • y are u single

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    • i don't get these young guys want some pussy from us now

    • it's a learned behavior. First few girls give them sex easily (relatively speaking) and now they think all girls are like that.

  • Aww its just that u never met some good kind of guys believe me there are many who would like to be your for u and not for your sexy body
    P.s message me if u see something interesting in me or my opinion :)


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