When a guy acts like this what does it mean if anything?

So when I try talking to him he gets really quiet and our conversations seem to get no where and just awkward. He also at times avoids me - he's not like this with other people I have seen their interactions. The strange thing is sometimes he will come to me on his own to say hi but again short conversations cause of his quietness. Does he just say hi to polite? It's like one day he's starting to get closer and the next day he goes back to square one. A couple days ago I needed help with something so I messages him I could see he saw it within 30 kin but didn't reply until an hour passes. He told me to message him again the next day to remind him to check for me, I did and then he was like he doesn't have it and appologized I thanks for trying and he's like no worries - did he do that on purpose I mean shouldn't he know if he had the assignment or not or am I thinking too much about this?


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  • He probably likes you but is shy.


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  • were you two friends before? if you weren't, then he probably just doesn't know you- thus the quietness. he probably didn't know if he had the assignment or not