Should I go in to a kiss If I would feel like doing it during the meeting or when I meet her on the date?

We have been dating for 4 weeks, I prefer to go slowly, and used to have trust issues, and so she does as of her breakup. We had a problem last week, when we could stop all the dating as I wanted to move on and she didn't, and she contacted me when realised that I got mad and could have never contacted her back. So far, we met 3 times after that moment, I hugged her 2 times, and she became more open to me and flirty i would say. I was in a relationship a long time ago, and its like dating from the long break. Thus I wonder if I would feel like going into a kiss, weather once we meet again or during the date or when saying goodbye, when shall I do kiss her?


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  • You shouldn't plan it. My rule is, if I am questioning whether I should kiss her or not at that moment, that means I should.


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  • Start of small. Kiss her goodbye with maybe just a peck.


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  • like ImSoSozzled said, you should plan a kiss. it's an emotional moment so it should happen when you feel it happening.