First date at his house? bad idea?

we had a bunch of ideas but nothing was working (too far, too expensive, closes to early etc.)
we're both young so we're limited to where we could go
last minute he suggested we just chill at his house

bad idea?
i mean he's kinda shy and a bit of a loner/weirdo but i've heard he hangs out with a bad crew. he's really awkward and tries to impress me a lot so i have no idea what to expect

is he gonna try to get in my pants?


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  • I had a first date at a guys house and we made it about half way through the movie we were watching before we started making out. I felt comfortable with him (we'd made out on a couple occasions earlier). If you go to a guys house you need to make sure you have an escape plan or someone at least knows where you are. It's all about trust and if you believe this guy will stop when you say no. The 'bad crew' also doesn't seem to promising.


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  • maybe question is do you want him to get you naked and make love


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  • he could. i'd make sure there was someone else in the house with you. maybe suggest you'd feel more comfortable at your house?