I have a Arabic guy that I talk to on tango we been talking for a while I met his aunts but he wants me to come to Jordan should I?

He such a nice intelligent guy in I always think about him when I'm not speaking to him I'm just scared to go.. Have any one been in this predicament


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  • I would recommend not going. If something bad happens there the first person the police will frame if they don't know who did it is a foreigner. I read about a guy who was randomly picked by the police and arrested for a car bombing he had no part in. They tortured him for 2 years until he confessed to the crime he never committed. You are safe if you are arabic but if you are not - be careful!!! you could become the victim of a hate crime.


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  • a lot of factors to consider..
    How, where and when did you met him? How well do you know each other? Have you ever went into doubt about his love or intentions? Don't fall for sweet words or charms..how about if he will go and visit you instead of you going to visit him?
    My advice is be very logical and wise enough, don't just follow your heart specially if everything was started online...

  • You guys are not even dating? Nope, don't do it.