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So I've been seeing this guy for a couple months. Things were going great. Tonight I had my babysitter watchy kids which I don't do often because it's too expensive. I meet him at a bar and he's been drinking and I think drunk already and I have a couple beers and we head back to his place. He's moving all around and on his phone. So I'm sitting on the couch texting my sitter to see how the kids are doing listening to pandora on his tv. It turns off by its self and he freaks on me and his roommate. Accusing us of turning it off and neither of us touched it. He kicks me out because of this and telling me I can be replaced. Like I would lie about something so fucking stupid. He totally turned on me like I was a piece of shit. Then on my way home my car breaks down and has to be towed and I didn't have a ride so out of sheer desperation I call him for a ride and he goes on about how that's karma biting me in the ass and he won't give me a ride because he's drunk. Which is understandable. I wouldn't want anything to happen to him. I don't know if he was just drunk and went nuts or what. But he wouldn't even talk to me about it. He just shut down on me and treated me like pure shit. I think he was texting his ex about his kid and that might have upset him. I don't know what to think. Do people get mean like this when they drink and what should I do? He's never treated me like this before and I've never seen him like this. What if he calls me? Should I just cut him out of my life? Or give him another shot? I


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  • Mmm tricky one, but I know personally and for a bit of experience that alcohol brings out the real nature of the people, half of the time if not more its the bad stuff of the people.
    Maybe it wasn´t the alcohol alone, probably what upset him was, as you said, the call from her ex, that's always a bitch to handle.
    But imagine he was drunk exactly like that night but instead you did something to upset him, assuming you didný knew that would upset him, he would have reacted the same way or a little less but that's how I see it.
    Better if you leave him, he has an EX because a reason, please don´t be the pretty girl tht sticks with the douche.


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  • Alcohol probably played a role but this sounds like childlike behavior regardless (meaning irresponsible to drink that much if you get that way when you do). If it were me I'd probably distance myself, you don't need to be in a relationship where the other person can't control themselves (especially considering how mundane the situation was) what's he going to do when something actually serious comes up?


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  • Cut him off.

    You shouldn't want someone like that especially as a mother.

    "Drunk people tell & show the most truth" You better believe it.