Did I lose her trust? Would she ever date me?

This girl found out I lied about not having a girlfriend when I did. Then she found out that I told my friends some of the things that she told me about her brother who's an alcoholic and I swore I wouldn't tell them. Has she lost trust in me? Would she date me after this?


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  • Ouch man. First off, why lie? It always complicates things even if the person you lied to doesn't find out.
    If I were in her shoes , I wouldn't trust you. Lying about having/not having a girfriend is kinda dumb and probably has her thinking you just wanted her on the side or as a booty call. But you didn't only do that ; She shared something with you that was personal and expressly asked you not to spill. The fact that you went ahead and did it anyways shows a lack of respect for her and what she asks you.

    • I wasn't sure if she was going to be interested in me

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    • If I told her I had a girlfriend do you think she still would've shown interest in me?

    • Possibly not but like I said , if you had a girlfriend , you shouldn't want her to or you shouldn't even be with that girlfriend.


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  • Any sensible girl would NOT date you again. absolutely not. imagine if the situation was reversed would you be able to trust her?

  • I hope not that's a really low thing to do plus you're a cheat, if she has any sense she won't touch you again.

  • oh god! I wouldn't say anything more to your friends, girls find out everything, basically! so I would watch.. and it will take a long time for her to build the trust up again. id keep on apologising to her and showing you care and say it like you mean it, hug her at the same time and stuff.


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