What should I get my boyfriend for his birthday?

Hello my name is Carolina and I'm 15 I just recently started dating my crush for 2 weeks now! And his birthday is in July and I have no clue what to get him:( I know he likes soccer, football, lacrosse Polo brand clothes and technology, I don't have apart time job yet and I have no money:( And if i ask my parents for money they'll ask me why I need it or rant about how we have no money and blah blah blah and I cannot tell them I have a boyfriend because they will take my head. I need help any suggestions on what I should get him and how I can ask my parents for money without them getting mad? It would mean the world to me! :)


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  • Make brownies or some other desert. It never fails because every guy likes them, it's not expensive and will satisfy any dude.


What Girls Said 1

  • I suggest that you should get him whatever you think that he'll like. I think you should get to know him better so you can figure that out. I also think you shouldn't be lying to your parents...