My ex called me baby boy, is that good?

I'm trying to win her back. I've been playing things cool as of late and haven't been acting needy blowing up her phone, etc

Last night I text her telling her I was thinking of her and that I hoped she was doing well. She replied thanking me for thinking of her and that she had just gotten a new job

I congratulated her said I was happy for her and ended the conversation saying I had to go. Her response was "thanks baby boy"

After we had broken up she stopped all the pet names and was calling me by my name. So this is a good sign right?


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  • Stop playing games and playing it cool, show her some TLC and kindness if you want her back.

    • I do show her tlc, but at the same time I only call/text every few days or so because I do not want to smother her. That's what I meant by playing it cool. I'll send her a text every so often letting her know I'm thinking of her

    • Well just don't make the mistake of her seeing it as you only wanting to be friends, because if both of you are not clear/honest, it gets stuck here. So maybe you can take the lead and throw some sort of romantic gesture to make it clear if you want more. You can't guess and she can't guess, lol.


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  • I think so.

    (I wouldn't really call a guy baby boy though. That's just my two cents. If you're ok with it though).

  • Name calling isn't a big deal


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  • Move on man...Sorry, but by definition of you trying to get back together with her, you come off needy and lame.

    There are a lot of better women out there--trust me. Best thing you can do is to stop any interaction with her and let her be. If she contacts you, just blow her off. I'm doing you a service here, even if you might not realize it now.