Have you ever dated someone 10 years older ?

I met a guy, we seem to get in touch very well, and he always invites me to parties, BBQ and so on, almost every day. We have many common points.

Most people say it's fine to be with someone ten years older than me, but I'm 19, and he's 29... I don't think it does really bother me, and him neither :) but I keep thinking he'll be 30 next year and ill be 20 only, and I'm wondering what's gonna happen... I wouldn't want to lead him on...

what s your point of view on this ? have you ever experienced that kind of relationship ?

(plus, I'm going to live abroad for a year, and come back only once a term)

cheers x


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  • I would enjoy his company now. Who knows what could happen. My parents are 12 years apart and still married (not to mention in love). I have dated someone 13 years older and I can say that there were some positives and negatives. The positives were that he was experienced, saavy to the world. The negatives: He threw my age and lack of experience in my face when we'd fight, he already had the kids and marriage and wasn't interested in doing it again, he had years of emotional scars he let get to him and wasn't going to change. There are always downsides and up sides. For the time being I would just see how your friendship goes and go from there.


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  • no but I've daited someone 8 years younger and total out of synch when it comes to maturity level.


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  • I have dated someone 13 years older than I am, and unfortunately we broke up!

    but what's important is that age was not the reason!

    but you need to ask yourself if you're both committed to making this work,its a difficult situation with you moving away and all and the needs and wants of an older man are very different from those of a younger guy.

    neither love nor attraction is limited by an age so if you feel you heart is in this for the long run, then give it your all, but if you're feeling the you're leading him on to something that's not there and especially if the age bothers you in the slightest,maybe you need to reconsider the relationship...

    the fewer broken hearts out there, the better!

    • Thanks a lot for your answer! :) would you specify what youmeant by "and the needs and wants of an older man are very different from those of a younger guy ", are you talking about sexuality? children nd wedding ? athing else ? and have you exerienced it ?

  • i know a lot of people that have dated people much older than themselves... the only thing I can tell you is that it depends on where he is in his life.. since he's almost 30 he might be wanting to settle down, get married and have children, which you may not be ready for, Before you guys get too serious I would figure that out and let him know where you stand... also, I don't know if you guys are big drinkers or anything, but the whole bar scene might be an issue, since you can't go out to the bars, if he wants to go out to the bars often that might start to become an issue too with jealousy and all that... I think it could work, but communication is very important in this situation! good luck!

    • Hi, thank you for your comment! I was just wondering why "the bar thing" would be an issue ? you say "you can't go out to bars" , why couldn't we ? cheers

    • I just meant since your not 21 yet, chances are you can't get into the bars, unless where you live you can, then that's cool, it wouldn't be an issue... but if he can and wants to go out to the bars, but you can't you might start to feel left out or he would have to change his plans cause of your age, and after a while it could start fights if its happening often..

  • I always date older blokes my longest relationship was 12yrs older than me, we were together for 3yrs but we did not brake up through age reasons hope this helps.