Girls: what for you makes men "Manly"?

I know what I think, but I want to know what other girls value in men, can be physical appearance but I want to look at a deeper level. So what, girls, makes a man attractive and "MANLY" to you?


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  • 1. Immeasurable, consistent respect.
    This separates boys between men. Boys don’t have the self-discipline to consistently demonstrate respect on various levels. It’s a foreign concept to them.
    The manliest men can keep their composure and deal with things respectfully, yet assertively. They don’t abandon respect because someone wronged them or pissed them off.

    2. The ability to protect.
    This is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL. If a man cannot protect me, then I cannot view him as anything greater than a friend. While I can protect myself, I bask in knowing that there is a strong man who has my back. It’s a necessary ingredient to a relationship especially when I start looking for a husband. A man should know how to protect his girl physically and protect her mentally and emotionally as well. Even if it means being stern with her, a man should show that effort to protect her from circumstances that could harm her future or psyche. This shows he has her best interest.

    3. Selflessness.
    This is key. Perhaps just for me because I am generous to a fault and I take pride in acts of selflessness when people deserve them. But nothing makes me weak in the knees quite like a guy who is genuinely selfless and will make himself uncomfortable if it means putting a smile on my face or making sure I have what I need. For me, this is a permanent glue to our bond even if things don’t work out.

    • All of my relationships had one thing in common: she always said she felt safe around me. I think that extends beyond just physical safety but it's still very important.

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    • I love it when a man is slightly bashful too, I gues the kinda selfelessness, but I completely agree with everything you said! especially point number 1, difference between boys and men is self discipline, where men take pride in them selves to be respectable and respect others - and this is SOOOOOO hot when I notice it in guys XD

    • :D thanks for MH


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  • (Listening to what the ladies have to say)


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  • I think it has more to do with how they act.
    Someone who acts like a gentleman and is respectful, takes care of people who need it, is NOT hotheaded, and is generally very responsible.

  • Being able to take care of yourself and others, especially your girlfriend. Also sanding up for and protecting her.

  • The protective nature. I love that.