Have you ever never heard from a friend again because you were waiting for them to text first?

Like it gets to a point where you don't know how interested they are even in friendship... And so you let go and put it in their hands.
I have to wonder if both sides end up doing this.
It's hard to tell when to let go sometimes.


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  • I have done it. She always comes back though. One time she went 3 months without contacting me. Recently she touched on it and commented she liked having control of our contact. That it allows her space without having to ask for it. That I wasn't a "pain in the ass suffocating her". I was very surprised to hear that.


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  • depends, if you like them and truly want them in your life, you do whatever you can to make that so...many a time i have bit my tongue, put my pride to one side...just to keep a person i liked, close :3 was worth it.
    only downside is, if they never do it :p
    but hey, what is ment to be, is ment to be


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  • Yes I have done it