Weird first date text response? Is this a normal response?

I went out on one date with guy. It didn't go really well but I was willing to go a second time ( first date jitters and all) we didn't really have crushes on each other it was just a spur of the moment thing- anyway after the date I sent him a quick thank you text.. And he wrote back a rejection " you're not the girl for me" is that weird? Girls and guys help!


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  • The timing is weird. Yes, guys will tell if you're not the girl for them, but not right after the date and not right after you say thank you.


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  • It was a weird way to respond, but he put it right on the line and didn't
    beat around the bush, letting you know exactly what was what.


What Girls Said 1

  • I mean seems like its he didn't feel any chemistry or anything he's letting you know.

    • But is that a weird thing to say or? And I just sort of got the feeling that it was a really quick response - an hour or so after he brought me home..

    • It is weird but I guess he didn't want to lead on.

    • Okay great! Thanks ;)