How do I get him to want to talk to me?

My ex and me have been seeing each other for a few months but lately I've been feeling down and anxious and I don't know if I'm overthinking everything or if he is getting over me.

He doesn't message me much, but never really had. He did message me today about something and I rang him back and we had a quick chat which was good. I tried messaging him this evening but he wasn't chatty, he was busy though he had stuff on.

The other day I was drunk and saying 'I really like you' and being weird and he said 'stop. Don't stop liking me, but stop being weird'.

I know he had some feelings for me but I sometimes feel like he just doesn't want to talk to me. How do I get him to want to talk to me?


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  • he has to want to talk to you, you don't "get" him to talk to you and frankly if he doesn't want to talk to you under his own free will then you should probably just move on from any notion that you want to attract him... essentially getting him to talk to you would entail doing things that are not in your nature, which is never good.


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  • you dont "get" a guy to do what you want. it doesn't work that way.. YOU have to make the moves etc for what you want and how is he being weird? perhaps your expecting the guys have to do everything, it too doesn't happen that way


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  • You can't get him to, he has to want to