Well, my boyfriend hasn't texted me for a week. Should I be worried? He texts me once but then doesn't respond back for a while.?

We've been together for almost 2 months and he's a nice, sweet, caring guy, but he hasn't texted me. He's a boxer and he says he's been busy with that, he's stopped texting me for a few days for the third time, he says its boxing but can he really not pick up the phone and say hi?


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  • I'm sorry but if he dosnt have time to even send you a simple text which takes not even 30 seconds then he doesn't have time for you.. No matter how busy you are if you are in a relationship you are committed to that girl which includes making time for her.. I think you should pretty much text him and be straight up and say look if you can't even spare a minute of your time to talk to me then we shouldn't even be together

    • Well, he texted me and he's mad at me for thinking he doesn't love me. So, heh... Its probably not gonna last for much longer

    • Who cares about him.. Don't waste your time/energy on him move on :)


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  • A week with no contact at all?

    You definitely should be concerned!


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  • he is probably busy with boxing, but yes it doesn't take too long to shoot a text message to someone.