Don't have much experience , how do I get some without coming across as inexperienced?

i don't have much experience when it comes to dating or girls , I've meet a lot of girls over the years and been friends with them at school or work and even bars but when it comes to actual experience like say dating , sex , making out , I really don't have much of any , so I'm wondering how would or should I go about getting some without coming across as desperate or extremely inexperienced virgin type ?

should I just say nothing about this to the girl and hope she wouldn't know I was so inexperienced or what ? what are my options here


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  • Well umm you should find a pillow or yours your arm and practice kissing and the sex ummm just do it and dating find a girl that dues not have much experience and explore with her.


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  • Before going out and start looking, you need to answer, "What kind of girl do I want?". Wondering around, aimlessly, around a shopping mall filled with ALL kinds (meaning some good, some not so good, some real, some being fakes...etc.) is a dangerous thing to do. It is like driving with your eyes closed, not caring where you end up in...and both you and I where the most likely place a "blind" driver ends up in... the ditch! And you see them swearing at the "ditch" all the time...