Don't give up on her or move on?

i have heard from friends this girl is kinda shy but when i try to talk to her she doesn't reciprocate sometimes. when i text her its to setup a date for us to alone. the last time i asked her out she told maybe I don't know if im working and i just tried again recently when she randomly sent me pictures we took together and i asked her what she was doing said working but told me she might get out a early due to rain. she told me before that she couldn't wait to go and see me again but when i try to get her alone its a struggle i know im probably overreacting she has to work but the thing is she won't tell me she has to work so im thinking we all good for the plans untill i ask her if were still going then she tell me she can't go. sometimes i'll text her but it won't last very long, ill text her how she is then she tell how she is and then she will ask Wbu? ill tell her and i won't hear from her we barley text but when in person she acts totally different quiet always looking at me sometimes trys to get close to me or touch my face. actually totally different with other guys. we have this thing that i have been callign her my wife and bae and stuff & after a whiel she started calling me her hubby only on via text or social media. we've taking pictures together on her phone & she has videos of me speaking in my accent and pictures of me but hasn't puttin them on IG like the other million photos of her guy friends she has which i thought was werid. we use to snapchat each other but now she doesn't even do that but she always looks at my stories i can't read this girl sometimes im trying to be with her and show her im different girl is all i can think about when i wake up and when i go to sleep. my friends have told me attractive girls like this are use to guys hitting of them an i should just disappear for a while and not talk to her but its driving me crazy


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  • You friends told u attractive girls used to guys who hit on them, but do they tell you that please do not waste your fuckin time on persons who are not interested in you?
    One rule: If a girl has high interest level on you, she would definitely hang out with you, promise you on dates. Excuses.Excuses.Excuses so many b.s excuses.

    • yea i feel stupid i let my stupid feelings crowd my judgement


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  • She honestly doesn't sound like she likes you more than a friend. A girl that was crushing would make time to at least text you if she couldn't make it to a couple dates... And even then it's iffy. I say you should move on.

    • wow the funny thing was when i saw her i told myself i wasn't gotta attempt with her ad i feel so stupid for not trusting my instincts

    • Well you wouldn't have known you hadn't tried. :)

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  • dump her and move on disappear she's just playing games with you. try to find a better girl who actually wants you

    • dang i had a feeling this is what i had to do ;/