How do I make him want to be more than fwbs?

I've been talking to this guy for awhile & I really am starting to like him but I don't think he wants a relationship. How do you make him want more than fwbs? We talk like you do soon before dating but he never want to talk about being in a relationship. Does he not like me? When we hang out we act like a couple but I don't want to say I want more that fwbs because I don't want to come off clingy. How do you know if he likes you or just wants in your pants?

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He tells me he likes me. I just don't know thy he wouldn't want to just have a relationship


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  • Well first off, if he didn't like you, you guys wouldn't be in a friends with benefits relationship.
    Second, you change a guys mind that strictly only wants to be in that type of relationship. Usually guys like girls that are confident and have respect for themselves. And if you do change his mind, most likely you have to be very special.
    Third, you have to risk asking him. If your dying to know what he's thinking, just ask him. Believe me, it won't be the end of the world if he says no.

    Remember there are plenty of fish in the sea. Remember to respect yourself. And hell if you act "clingy" you have a right to be. And if he doesn't like it, screw him.


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  • doubt he likes you. Before going ahead and asking him for a relationship check what he wants in a relationship and find out why he chose fwbs kinda deal. Once you feel he isn't just playing around just pitch the question tell him we do everything that a couple in love does why not make it formally official. Ask him what feels about it. Since you guys have went beyond cuddling Im sure he must have opened up to you

  • 3 of the biggest problems with girls is their listening skills, following directions, and orginizational skills. you can not go into fwb, thinking their will be more. basically, you've struck out without even swinging the bat. if you want a guy, dont do friends with benefits with him


What Girls Said 2

  • It's tricky with some guys to tell exactly what they want of you, and for some it's super easy. One way to make sure that you drift into a relationship subtly and easily is to become more personal with them. What I'd do is reference your family or hobbies in conversations, but keep it all casual. For example, if you like debate, tell him about a debate issue you thought he'd be interested in. That also sets you up for more to talk about in the future and opportunities for him to come see your debates. You can also reference family. For example, if you have a little brother and the two share a habit, you can tell him, "My little brother does that, but he's _____ years old and named _____." Then, if he didn't know, you can talk about that, too. It's all a matter of moving interactions to a more personal level. Friends with benefits usually just keep to small talk and over-intimacy for their social level with each other, while those in a relationship get friends with benefits- with so many more benefits!

  • Isn't this exactly what guys dread with a fwb? If he's not making it obvious he likes you, then he most likely wants to stay fwb.
    If you can't stay just friends with him I'd stop the whole thing now, or you'll probably get too attached and wined up with your feelings hurt