Does the Window of opportunity ever close?

You like someone, You think that they might like you, but you don't quite know. Is there a period of time before something MUST happen or as long as people are single then that opportunity can be taken at any time

I believe that as long as nothing has been formally said that window can stay open. I believe that if a girl likes me, but only asks me out 3 years later it is fine. I can't say that if she doesn't ask me out by X date that she is autmatically in the 'will not date "category

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  • I think it depends. There is a possibility where the "window" might close. For example, if you wait too long the girl may change her mind about liking you. It may be that she's dropped a lot of hints but if you still have not taken the initiative to ask her out she will think you are too passive and move on. At least this is how it was with my last crush. And I realized I prefer a guy who is willing to make a move. In other words, if you wait too long she may change her mind about liking you, or think maybe you don't like her because you haven't made a move. Good luck!

    • Thanks. It just seems like I could literally ask her anything else except to ask her out :(. Tomorrow is D-Day

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