I went out with him.. then my father showed up?

Hey everybody , yesturday i went bowling with the guy i like.. and we had so much fun but it was few minutes until my father showed up.I was very nervous and i did not look to the guy i acted like i don't know him.. but he started to tell me that everything will be okay and he took my hand while asking me to continue playing and act normal.. at the end i said that i was sorry and i felt terribble. Did he hate me after this? and what should i do to make my father give me more space? im so confused and embarrassed.. any help please


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  • No guy can hate a girl just cause her dad showed up
    at date the two were on, this is all normal for
    your age from a guys point of view of my own it
    wouldn't matter to me i would still love the girl


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  • Your boyfriend doesn't think less of you. All teenagers understand the tyranny of parents =P

  • What did your dad say? Anyways if he doesn't like you dating you should just do it behind his back that is what I do to spare their feelings.

    • he did not say a word until now.. he's acting like he didn't see us.. but i know that he is angry

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    • dude my father is not a killer haha. he will argue with me when he feels better. he always says that he likes this guy to be my friend.. all we did was playing air hockey and bowling. Anw i can't let myself kiss him.. my father respects my opinions the last thing he'll do is killing me or my boyfriend.when he knew that my older sister dated her fiance for 8 years he yelled a little but then it's over. my dad is not a retarded man he is a cultured man who wants to protect his daughter. that's it :p

    • He might not kill you but a cousin of yours or sibling might I don't thing you understand middle eastern culture the one thing every middle eastern country has in common is the shame culture. You do something bad and it brings shame to your whole family. Anyways good luck I am sure your dad does love you you know him better than I do obviously I am just sharing with you through my experience and cultural laws I was taught in my country and parents.

  • He completely hates you. You should move to Mexico and escape from him.


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  • Nah don't think he hates you :)

    • nah.. he doesn't hate you becaus he well understood the situation

  • You need to talk to your dad. Act maturely so he knows your serious. Tell him that you need space.

    • well i tried to do that but it's hopeless. Everytime i say to him that im mature enough to go out alone he keps telling me that im still a kid altough im 17 !! so i dont think it's gonna work.

    • Alright we'll you're 17... Sneak out. Live alittle. Like I've been there! Haha I'm 18 & my dad still follows me sometimes..