terrible experience stories?

They kept sending me matches that were over a month inactive, I wrote to their customer service and this is what they replied

"Thank you for contacting eHarmony Customer Care.

I understand your concern about your match's last login date. Please be aware that some of our members still actively check up on their new matches and communication from their email; even if they don't log in frequently. Of course, we encourage all our members to log in often as that can actually increase the matches received. If you see a match you are interested in, try communicating. We'll be sure to notify them by email even if they don't log in.

Even though your match may have not logged in in a while, we don't want you to miss out on a great opportunity, so as a result, we've chosen to send these matches to you to review. We encourage all of our members to reach out and communicate with their matches to find out why we brought you two together. If you decide they're not a good fit for you, you're welcome to hide or block them.
" .

As you can see they blatantly denied any problems, it doesn't take a PhD to tell you that someone who is inactive for that long is not looking for a relationship and won't respond to any messages you send !  feel free to submit your own terrible experience with this or other dating sites.


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  • Hmm I have had both good and bad experiences. One of my bad experiences was someone who lied about their age in their profile and was about 10 years older. Because of this, they looked NOTHING like their profile picture and I felt like I was almost tricked in order to meet them. I felt bad that they had to lie in order to get someone to go out with them but at the time I just went along with it and tried to have a pleasant evening. However, I did not contact the person after this initial meeting.


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  • Online dating is poo

  • I met someone on there that lied about his age. But that's not specific to eharmony. That's just an online dating problem

  • That's so lame! I had a friend who somehow got stuck in the wrong location and couldn't change it. I know three couples who married from eharmony, though.


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  • It also doesn't take a PhD to realize that these sites are simply a business. They need you to visit their site, and they know if no girl is interested in you chances are you are not going to do it. I wouldn't be surprised if these profiles were made by site admins.

    You'll have to try your luck in real life; success in online dating sites only happen in bad movie scripts.

    • That's not true at all. I know a number of people who have met their spouse on them. And others who are dating some one. And it's going quite well.

    • Yes, but is it reasonable to expect that outcome?

    • yes it is reasonable, its a business and all business are held to standards including online services.

  • Eharmoney is lame. I Agree that a lot of the profiles have people thave says "logged in over a month ago." And when you do find one person that seems remotely interesting, they'll never reapond, just view your profile. lol I don't know if I just hVe a lame ass profile or if I'm just ugly or bot! But I've had better success just cruisin through the mall and telling a girl she's beautiful, in almost gaurenteed to get a phone number and a date. I think the biggest problem with these sites is that the females hardly speak or respond to the guys, or they could mostly be fake. I don't think I'm ugly but that's not up to me to decide I guess. I'm not going to pull the race card because I know a lot of females that like black guys. I don't dress immature and stupid so my only conclusion is to give up with this online dating bullshit and stick to meeting girls at the mall or something :)