Am I just being insecure? Guy I'm dating keeps talking about women?

I've [21] been dating this guy [32] for a month now. He keeps bringing up his ex's and makes comments about other women in front of me and his friends that make me feel a bit uncomfortable.

For example, last night when we were hanging out with one of his buddies, the subject about this girls boobs came about and he was like, "Oh yeah she has nice boobs. Yeah, they're awesome." All I could do was agree with him awkwardly, while his friend was there not saying anything. Then after that I made a comment about me being hungry and he made a joke about me being fat and should go lose some weight before I eat anything. Thankfully his friend made a joke about him wanting to control me, so i didn't have to say anything.

Those are only some examples from yesterday. Most of the time he's makes comments like that on a daily basis. I've brushed these off, but I'm not sure if I can for much longer. When we first started dating he would talk about all his exs and how crazy the were and would show me pictures of them asking me what I thought. Then he would talk about the girls he dated and how hot they were. Also how he's rejected some women.

I'm not sure if he's being a douche or made myself one of his bros and sees nothing wrong with this? Or am I just being insecure? Is this normal behavior once your comfortable with someone?


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  • the dude sounds like a dick. especially doing that shit in your presence when you two are dating lol. he sounds like a wannabe player or is a stupid one. and no its not normal, its normal for a douche bag.


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  • Leave him! Do it up!

  • He sounds like an imbecile of the highest order. Ditch him and find someone else.

    • Hear, hear! :)

    • Seriously the dude deserved to have a glass of water poured over his head for the fat comment.

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  • I'm sorry...but he sounds like a complete douche...It's not about being's that he has no respect for your feelings. If my BF did that to me I'd question whether or not he really wants to be with me.`

  • Dump his ass, what a loser.

  • he sounds like an insensitive jerk. dump him. he's way too old to still be acting like that.

  • I don't think you're being insecure...I would be very unhappy in a relationship like that. It sounds like he's emotionally bullying you, whether it's intentional on his part or not. Think about it like this, if he was just another guy and not your BF and he said hurtful things about your weight, that would be considered verbal bullying.

    Have you spoken to him about how he is making you feel?

    • No, I haven't brought it up yet. I've been brushing it off, but I'll probably bring it up tonight. I think I may be to blame for some of it because I've played along. I think maybe he's joking and doesn't realize it's making me feel uncomfortable.

    • Don't place all the blame on yourself though. You may not have said anything, but it's still not cool to say things like that to other people. Especially people you care about!

      I really hope the chat tonight helps and that he didn't realize he was being an ass :) Just remember you deserve to be with someone who makes you feel good and helps build up your confidence and that you'll feel comfortable enough with to share these feelings with. Open conversations in relationships are very important :) Best of luck!