Why won't this guy I'm seeing go down on me?

I've been seeing this guy for over 6 months now, we have slept together. When we are apart we sometime have phone sex. He has brought up going down on me during phone sex yet has never done it when we get intimate. why is this? Its annoying as I have gave him blow jobs in the past (which he seems to enjoy very much) hoping he may do the same to me. I'm aware it could be many things, I smell bad, he doesn't like doing it, selfish etc. but I want a answer of what you guys/girls think? Just to clarify I am a extremely clean person and I take personal hygiene seriously so I hope that had eliminated one of the factors lol.


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  • Given your age range, I suspect he has a lack of experience, or what has done wasn't positive. You basically have to ask for it. You can try to talk about it to see if there is a reason. The next time you two are really hot and getting it on, simply say in a sexy, turned on way that you really want to feel his tongue all over your pussy. And do not give him a blow job until you get yours first!


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  • Why not ask him? Straight up say, hey you talk about doing this and you never have, I would really like it if you did, is there a reason why you don't?

    My first thought was that perhaps he isn't "experienced" and doesn't want to be a let down or disappointment because he can't get you off that way.

    • ^^ this guy is probably right, just ask him to, if he's not experienced in it communicate while he does it and tell him what you like, tbf he's missing out, I find it soooo much fun to go down on a girl, when you really satisfy them and they squeeze your head with their thighs, just sooo good

  • Here's the problem. Sexually/Romantically successful guys don't have much competition, because successfully getting with girls takes skill, and it's a skill that many guys lack. That's why guys often don't feel the need to impress or satisfy. If you retaliate and refuse to blow him, he'll just find another girl and work his charms on her. I'm just being blunt here.


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