BROKEUP with my boyfriend & he doesn't stop calling me...?

broke up with my ex today and he not giving me my space. I'M ALSO talking to someone new with is amazing total package opposite from my ex.

how can i get my ex to give me space and leave me alone?


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  • Did you give him closure as to why you broke up? And I think it is important to be patient with your ex because you did influence the feelings he has for you. My advice would be if you have not done already is
    tell him the truth and give him closure as to why and if you are brutally honest like me you would tell him because there is another

    • Tell him that you are going to have no contact because it is best.. honesty is the best policy, just remember that if you were in his situation I would think you would want him to be patient and kind with you too, even if he is an emotion wreck.

    • Thanks for most helpful, I wish you the best with your situation.


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  • Tell him to fuck off and mind his own business. You are done!


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  • I guess just tell him you need abit if time and then you will talk to him. Say just give me two days and ill talk to you I just need time to think. But if your really dine with him and wanting i fee some other guy out just tell him it over and that it for the best and you do wish him the best and to move on.
    If he doesn't understand just change your number it not to be mean but he needs to move on and heal and no contact will help him.