Crushing on coworker, what to do?

We are the same age and flirt a lot at work when others aren't around. We have deep conversations alone. Recently, he asked me for drinks after work. He let me hang around while he finished work instead of having me go ahead to meet up like times before. He even offered to buy me dinner another time. We unloaded about our recent life issues to each other. He made sure to make it clear he had no interest in another woman when he told a story about about a coworker. I really like him, but there seems to be a "dance" between us, and I don't want to make things awkward at work. I enjoy him as a person and would be friends if nothing pans out.


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  • can u explain more on him saying he's not interested in any other woman after telling you about another coworker?
    Is he flirty with other coworkers if out
    I wouldn't advice anyone to date a coworker just for the simple fact that if things go left, your stuck with seeing this guy for X amount of hours X times a weeks. It can be awkward & dreadful.
    But not to be negative (just telling you the upside & the downside)
    If u like him & he ask u out then give it a try. u never know just make sure u really get to know him more before u get too deeply involved.

    • He was giving an example of weird stories people tell, and the back story was he was hanging out with a female coworker who he later found out had a crush on him, and he quickly added he had no interest in her whatsoever and continued the story

    • Hmmm...There's always two sides to stories so just be smart. But like I said just try to get to know him more before u get too involved.


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  • Speaking from experience, its not usually the best idea to date a co-worker. Mostly because if there's a fall out, it makes things awkward or almost impossible to work around them. There are those few couples who end and they can fall back into a professional and friendly manner though. I used to think there was nothing too bad about it til I dated my colleague and when I ended it because I just felt it wasn't going anywhere, I talked with him and didn't get mad or anything just was honest and polite...he pretty much avoided me and well I was thankful that my contract with the job had ended shortly after that. If you feel that you guys will be fine though, then go for it and I wish you the best of luck.

  • Eh, generally I wouldn't date a coworker if the job is long term. I just don't shit where I eat.

  • If ur 18-24 age not going be in a long term employment at place most likely. Go 4 it