Guys, would this type of situation bother you?

This question may be tmi but I'm not sure what I should do in this situation. I've been seeing this guy for a while and he's been having me spend the night, which is awesome because I love cuddling with him but when morning comes it's not so awesome. I poop in the mornings, like that's just my time that I go and spending the night with him I've been forced to poo there and I get so embarrassed every time but I can't help it. I think either he doesn't care or he doesn't know because it's quick but I'd almost think he would have to know because he goes in there right after I do so I'm sure it smells like poo. I guess he really doesn't care but it makes me so uncomfortable.


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  • Of course it would not bother me, girls have to poop to, nothing wrong with it, it is natural. Not only could a girlfriend (if I had one) poop at my house when she needed to I would want her to. You girls are just the same as us guys and need to get your poop out when you feel the urge. I would not care if my girlfriend stunk my whole house out, blocked the toilet for just her poop alone and painted the toilet bowl (sorry not trying to be gross) from doing a poo to be honest, the most important thing to me is the girls comfort. I would not want her getting all bloated, uncomfortable and sick from holding it in and I would want her to feel relieved. The same goes for girls farting around me, even if it reeked my house out I would rather she just let it rip for the same reasons. I am so so relaxed about girls doing this kind of stuff :)


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  • I'm not a guy but I don't think it should be a problem, if you can clean up after yourself and keep his bathroom clean. Also, "you need to go, when you need to go", you can't help your bodies' urges.