When does the other person deserve a proper break up?

I've been seeing this girl for a couple months. We haven't ever been exclusive with each other, but we've texted pretty consistently and have been on a number of dates.

I get the feeling that she might be done, but she hasn't said anything. I know it's pretty common to end things without saying anything in shorter relationships, but I'm wondering what the norm is.

How long do you have to date before you're actually expected to break up with the other person? Or is it more based on the type of relationship you have?


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  • I have been on one date with someone, we have plans to see each other tom. and we text/FB often. I am thinking of telling him I don't want this plan and simple. So even though there is very little established between us, it's proper and polite to at least say something and not just disappear. That's just hurtful and rude.

    • I agree - that's very respectful of you!


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  • You get words to officially end a relationship if you got words to officially begin it. If you have had a conversation like "Are we dating?" "Yup, boyfriend and girlfriend." then you will probably get a breakup conversation. So, to answer your question, type of relationship is more important than time.

    It sounds like you guys were being pretty casual. So it's probably done now if you haven't talked in a while.

  • I think you deserve a proper break-up no matter what. Even if it's just one date I think the respectable thing to do is tell someone 'sorry but I'm not interested'