How can I tell him I can't go out tonight without sounding like I don't want to?

I met this guy a week ago and the past few days we've been trying to figure out when we can get together. I told him this Friday (today) was a possibility, but I have family in town and I'm having issues with getting my car fixed so there's a lot going on. I told him if we can't get together this week, I'm off 3 days next week so we could do next Friday and he said that would work for him.

Well last night he asked me to go out at the last minute, so I couldn't. I told him I might be free tonight though. But now I've figured out that I can't tonight either because my car is still being fixed and I don't know this guy well enough to have him pick me up. I would rather wait until I have my car and meet him.

So, should I just tell him I'm dealing with having my car fixed tonight so I can't go out? And then ask him if next Friday will still work for for him? Because I really do want to go out with him. I don't want him to think I'm making excuses not to.


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  • Just tell him the truth, that you are sorry that your car is still broken and that it should be fixed by next friday. Honesty is always the best policy.


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  • I think the best way is to suggest another time when you're telling him no. It comes across better because he still has a date lined up. And just make sure the alternative date is definitely a time when you can do it.


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  • Use the car excuse, but be sure to reschedule right away. Or, ask him to drive to you and go out somewhere within walking distance (if that's possible). A cafe, a picnic, or just a movie together at your house. Whatever works.


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