Why would a guy stop texting a girl even though they have a date planned?

Does he not like me anymore or could he just be really busy?
Does it even mean anything?
Am I just over thinking it?


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  • yes he does. he might be nervous and trying to get his act together. it takes a lot of courage to ask a girl out. Women should understand its really not an easy thing to do to approach a lady and say i want to go out with you. you need guts to do that as a guy. stop over thinking and calm down. he's going to call you when its time

    • Okay good. I just don't want to have done anything wrong since its the 2nd date and he's kind of been bad to girls in the past so I'm nervous too. Although he's been nothing but gentlemanly to me. He also just stopped texting mid conversation. :/

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    • I'm being very cautious about the situation, but still giving him a chance. If it goes well yay! If it doesn't well, first broken heart. Gotta get one someday. Haha


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  • The point of a date is to talk to someone face to face.

    Why send them shitty emoticons when you know you'll see them in a few hours?

    Women of GAG, please stop agonizing over texts. It's getting ridiculous.

    • Its not in a few hours its in days and it was in the middle of a conversation. Sheesh!

  • he's busy?

    • If it helps it's the 2nd date. And it really doesn't matter if he doesn't text much. I just don't want to blow it just yet. :/

    • like i said, he's most likely busy. cool down

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  • He realize he didn't want to pay for the food?

    • In all honesty, he could just be busy. Why don't you text him?

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    • Okay! I'll text him tomorrow! ... He goes to bed early. :) Thank you for being so helpful!! It really just helped to talk it out haha.

    • You're welcome. I'm glad I helped :)