Please help! This girl wants to steal my boyfriend!!?

I'm 19, in 2nd yr uni and a month ago, a 22 yr old guy asked me out. Carson's a med intern and we first met when I volunteered there. So, this girl (let's call her Tracy who used to attend the same high school as me has a grandma admitted to the SAME hospital!!

I don't wanna be petty, but I can't help it. In high school she is book smart, quite mean and snobbish (private school), went to etiquette and make up courses and always walks with a good, almost forced posture. She began hitting on my boyfriend whenever she saw him at the hospital.. and she acts SO polite, always smiles, nods and laughs in a flirting way. I asked him (without an accusatory tone, and he said he didn't even notice her as he was helping the patient)

It's true that he and I have more in common, e.g. we workout together, and also at boxing class he is my sparring partner. We also do piano + guitar duets for fun. Problem is he is a handsome halfie!! half British, half HK, and I'm full HK, born and raised in Sydney. Tracy is half Spanish half Shanghainese, she tells me that halfies like dating other halfies because their babies will remain cute!!

I'm actually in semi depression mode right now. :( Carson and I are going well, but it's hard and scary sometimes especially when he is a med intern and I'm only a 2nd yr student studying business/law! I would imagine there would be a lot of girls pursuing him.

Should we keep going with our relationship? What should I do about Tracy?


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  • The thing she said about halfie or whatever liking to date other halfie because of babies is the worst bullshit I have ever heard xD There's not any truth in that at all. If this is the main reason your worried, then you don't have to worry.

    • Aslong as there's more in your relationship then what another girl can offer from just flirting, he won't leave you.

      It seems like you have a good, healthy relationship, I doubt he would want to leave that for someone else, he won't know how it will turn out with her, but currently he is in a safe, stable position with a girl he likes.


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  • Calm down.. Stop worryingly... Just be you and be a great girlfriend. If he chooses her its his loss. You obviously live and care for him and it will shine through. Focus on being positive and fun to be around and you will win.


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  • I have never heard of this halfie nonsense. It sounds like you are referring to dogs. Lol. You're letting this girl bother you too much and she knows it. Just remain cool and be confident. If he says he didn't notice her then he probably didn't. Women tend to complicate things too much and it will just come back to bite you in the butt. You will turn him away from you with insecurities and accusations. Be happy with yourself and your relationship and you will keep your man happy. He probably has a lot going on as an intern so he's probably not paying attention to her efforts. Especially if he is with a patient.

  • You yourself just said that he doesn't notice her. He sounds like a really decent guy, and you shouldn't be thinking like this. Why would you believe anything that Tracy said? Only the shallowest people choose partners for what their prospective babies will look like.

    Think long and hard.. is your bf that shallow? is Tracy that shallow? Does the fact that they are both 'halfies' mean more than their individual personalities?