What do I do if the guy I like made me feel uncomfortable?

So I like this guy and he likes me, he's super sweet, caring and he just gives me these butterflies and I really like being with him and we've gone on two dates so far and I occasionally go to his house to watch netflix with him but on my last visit we sort of started making out and things went a little overboard when his hand started lifting my shirt, I quickly moved away and kept my distance afterwards but I still like him, I don't want that sort of thing to happen again though, I wish I knew how he feels about what happened because he had this pained expression and he kept apologizing and telling me that I won't like him anymore because of what he did but I don't really know what he could be thinking about right now, I hope he doesn't feel guilty because I gave him the cold shoulder afterwards, it just made me really uncomfortable since I'm still new to dating and kissing and all of this. We're both 17.


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  • Don't worry about it. Just tell him you aren't ready for that yet. But that also means you have to tell him when you are ready.

    • promise, communication is key. He will appreciate your input and respect it, especially since he seems like a very caring guy.
      Also a piece of advice, you can always go back a base in your relationship. If you do end up letting him lift your shirt, but you don't end up liking it. Just say you aren't as ready as you thought you were. There is no problem with that.


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  • "I wish I knew how he feels about what happened"... he can't know if you don't tell him how you feel though :)

    "I hope he doesn't feel guilty because I gave him the cold shoulder afterwards"

    That just confuses the situation more and it has already been said but communication really is the key.

  • He probably feels the same way as you , like he did something wrong and your mad at him

  • hmmmmm... just talk to him and establish some rules. that's all.


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