How did you meet your partners?

How did you meet your partners, today and past?
Were any of them complete strangers who swept you off your feet?


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  • My first boyfriend I met on a class trip to the east coast in 8th grade. He was the "bad boy" but was incredibly intelligent. He wasn't really a bad boy, just had perverted humor and to my innocent brain, he WAS bad lol

    My second and current boyfriend I met in December of 8th grade on Christmas vacation in Costa Rica. He was a stranger and I literally crashed into him in the ocean (talk about awkward!) and it turned out he lived 15 minutes away from my house back in the states. It was pretty much instant connection even though we didn't start dating until about 4 years later.


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  • Walked passed him in college messaged him on fb and ever since, a yr now, weve been rockn with each other :)

  • My boyfriend and I met in the 11th grade. I moved to the school he attended. We were friends and maintained brief contact over the years. Five years later we met up and hit it off. We've been together for several months. Funnily enough, turns out he had a crush on me in high school as I did for him.

  • I ran into a field shouting "LET'S GET HIGH", intending to get very, very high on weed. He was a clean kid just visiting with his friend. He thought I was a crazy lesbian chick due to my fauxhawk.

    Ahhh... About 1.6 years later and we are still together to this day. And BOTH clean! XD


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