"I don't like to put labels on things."

When asked if we were official, this was the response.am I being Just considered a fling then or?

We also had a conversation about girls who are keepers though and which member of his family they had to pass the test with and such. So I don't know
Oh also , the person who asked asked if it was a friends with benefits thing and he said no?


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  • he wants to know what you want first so he doesn't give an answer he will regret

    • Then why not just ask instead of just confusing me?

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    • Girls are supposed to be the emotionally open ones then? I for one hate appearing weak because of it. It takes a lot to admit I think someone is attractive , let alone tell them I want a relationship.
      He knows I've only dated maybe 2-3 people. He knows I'm anxious and nervous and shy. There's no reason to think I'd come out and say it.

    • girls obviously are emotionally open, and guys expect that, when a guy tells a girl they are attractive girls dont understand what it means, this site proves that and guys get a response he didn't expect, which is just a thanks and a bye than she gets a boyfriend that wasn't the guy who told her she's pretty etc, cause if a guy tells a girl she's pretty or beautiful it means he likes her and wants her for a girlfriend


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  • He pretty much isn't ready for a relationship.

    That's my interpretation.

    • The way he put it , the only thing he'll ever label is marriage.

    • So, he's pretty much saying if its not marriage it's unimportant?
      Well he should label things.
      Because if he doesn't let will never get serious enough to get to that point.

  • LOL. What a bullshit thing to say... Er...I don't know, that doesn't sound very promising.

    • Honestly what I was thinking. I mean , in almost every other way he's been good and sending out signs that commitment is okay but then this.

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    • Very true. And yeah. Good advice really. Thanks. (:

    • No problem, hope it works out for you :)

  • Yes. Yes you are. If you want official find someone else.

  • It means he doesn't want to date you. If he did he wouldn't beat around the bush. I would find someone else.

  • Sound's like a funky way to say he doesn't want to be in a relationship, or make it considered one.