Should I ask him out again (second time)?

I met this guy last semester and we hit it off immediately and we've become good friends. We have a class again this semester (summer).

So about a month ago I asked him if he wanted to hang out with me sometime, and we agreed to see a concert because we have the same taste in music. We didn't decide on a time or place, but just agreed to see a band sometime. He seemed really excited about it.

A few weeks ago he mentioned a concert he'd be going to with some friends. I said I wanted to go (he knows it's a band I like) and he said he'd be able to give me a ride.

The concert was Thursday, and that day in class I asked if we were still going, and he said he couldn't give me a ride because his roommate needed the car for the night. He said he'd still be going with his friends, and I said it was okay and that I wouldn't be going. I wasn't crushed about it because we hadn't made concrete plans or anything. Our friendship is really chill.

The next day (Friday) we didn't talk about the concert and didn't make plans to try to go out again. I think he felt bad that things didn't work out because he was hanging around me more than usual.

So... should I make the move and suggest we try to go out again (not immediately, just whenever in the future). He's really shy, which is why I made the move the first time. He's said yes to going out the two times that I've brought it up, leading me to believe that he truly is interested. Should I ask him out again?


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  • No you should not, You have done more than enough. If he is truly interested , he will ask you


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  • There is nothing hotter about a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it. That's what equality is all about! Take some of the pressure off of us guys. :D

    Of course the girls are lazy. Don't listen to them--they're just lazy from a lifetime of sitting back and letting the guys come to them. Regardless of what they say, it's very hard to determine whether or not a girl is interested or just likes to chill with you.

    • Thanks for your answer! I've heard that guys like confident girls, but I'm afraid of coming across as desperate/ "thirsty" hahaha.
      So should I just go for it and try to make plans if the opportunity comes up? I mean, he's said yes the other two times I've brought it up. If he wasn't interested he wouldn't have said yes, right? :D

  • Oh. poor you, he doesn't know the need to initiate dates as a man, it must be tired for you to wondering whether he likes you or not.


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  • No. He already knows you are interested so let the ball rest in his court.