What do you do to finish off a date?

in other words: how do you like to end your date?


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  • under 18 dates I'm guessing it's not ending at back to my place or yours kinda ending so a good end is wherever you would part ways eg at a bus stop or a front door, end it with a kiss and hug, thanks for nice night, keep hands held as you part until you're both too far too reach each other and you will think of each other for longer and reflect on the night in a different way and be able to see it more clearly. If you mean ending it to do the walk home then I'd say just talk all night and kinda make the talking into a walk home or to the appropriate place to part ways from or if not possible just talk until it's late and you can honestly say, it's late I better be going now.


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  • It really depends on what date this is. But a kiss/make out session is always a good ending for me. The end of a date can be very awkward, as you never quite know how far to take it. But if there's a positive energy in the air, then a goodnight kiss is always a sweet end.


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  • a chuck norris joke.