How to stop being lonley and alone?

I have a lot of friends, i work , i go to school but at the end of the day i go home, i live alone and im so alone..i want a boyfriend but where do i find one? all my guy friends are mostly gay and my girlfriends have a bf...
im 22 never had a bf and i feel like im going to die alone..and im lonley..


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  • i can't help u but im curious. why are u alone? u said u have friends right? isn't that something, I mean if u were to get a boyfriend he would stop you from being alone? so this guy that u meet and know for a month is now the cure to lonliness and the friends uve had all along mean nothing?

    • No but i mean i want someone to go home to and know i can cuddle with instead of being alone at home..when my friends have someone to go home to

    • so you want someone to be sexual with. ur not lonely, ur sex deprived.


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  • Get some of your girly friends to set you up, they will LOVE it, trust me. I prefer meeting people in person and not online, but they have those too!


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  • Ask your many friends to set you up with someone. That's the best way to meet someone