Broke up with me cause of distance. Can I ever expect a future with him?

I've been dating a man in the military for almost 4 years.

We started seeing each other shortly after highschool ended. He actually had a crush on me all throughout highschool.

We hungout before he went off to boot camp, when he did go he would write me letters and I would write him back. Shortly after he got out of bootcamp he was flown to school in another state but we always still skyped and talked on the phone.

Whenever he came on leave every year I was the first person he'd call. Id spend as much time with him as I could. But whenever he left we always still kept in contact.

This last time he came on leave a few months ago I met his whole family. We would talk about a future together, he would sing to me, tell me how one day he was gonna marry me, and even told his best friend he loved me ( never told me though) I do love him though. I was getting things ready to come out to visit him over seas next month.

But about a month ago he started complaining about how stressed out he was about work, school, baseball, and moving into his first house. He even told me how he didn't get the promotion he'd worked for. He just kept getting more and more distant. I told him I was here for him. But we kept talking less and less cause how busy he was.

I decided to try to talk to him and he told me he was confused on where he wants to go in life. I asked him if this included me and he said yes. That he didn't know where to go from here. He is going to Africa for a year after he leaves where he is now and doesn't know where to after that. Said he realized he won't be seeing me for another 2 or more years. And it's too hard and too much time apart. I understood all he was saying but my heart was still breaking. Then he said "I would never want to make you angry or hurt you, but I'll be home eventually".

That's the last thing he said. And now I'm here confused and hurt. I don't know what the future holds for us, but I keep hoping he will he in mine.


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  • Sorry to hear about what happened. :( That really sucks. I think if it's ever meant to be with you and him then you guys will be together in the future.Long distant dating is very tough and is so hard.It takes a lot of hard work and commitment which you and him had.I still think evening if you do try to wait for him just try and keep your options open.He might come back in your life then he may not.I think it would be a shame if you waited all that time and he never came back.But anything is possible.


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