He says he feels bad, he wants us to be friends, but now he is pissed at me and hurt by me, what the heck?

So my friend pursues me for years, I finaly cross the line, I sleep with him. he tells me he loves me. Eventually I fall madly in love with him. time goes on, we lose contact and then he gets a hold of me. he's happy, he now is a homeowner, we talk and decide after a week or so of connecting I should visit. I drive 13 hours, have a great time and then the last day we reconnect lovingly. when we are done, he starts throwing womens names around, shows me pics of woman he dated? ruined it for me, I leave the next day he is happy, I don't let him see, but I am crushed when I leave. I am home he sends me texts we decide later I will visit again. I go to see him, first night, texting his x sent him msg? I'm pissed but don't say anything. So I figure i'll let him make the first move 3 days inn, it doesn't happen. He makes comments, not rude ones, but makes it clear he wants to but won't aniciate? He says seduce me, I say when are you going to seduce me? we go have dinner out, we get back we are together. I get him to loose control :) I clean up, he has left the bedroom, he sits in the chair with drink in hand at 3 a.m. watching tv. I ask is everything ok, he says yes, I give him hug and kiss go to bed. He follows in a bit, gets in and puts his back to me and scoots all the way over until he is smooshed against me. I wake up in the morning, kiss his cheek to wake him up. He sits in LR with coffee I get ready to leave, bend down, give him hug, kiss on cheek and tell him I love him and leave. Next time visit, he changes plans, gives me a different date. 1 week before I leave, he texts have to cancel I have a new lady friend sorry, he feels bad, hopes we can stay friends. I text back I'm hurt, can't believe he did this. tell him I'm disappointed and it will be awhile before he hears from me again. 9 months later its his birthday, I text him HB he doesn't respond. Then I hear he is hurt and mad at me? What gives? Somene please give me insight.


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  • Wow, this guy is messed up. He obviously is a player of some sort and cannot commit. I think you two were just fuck buddies, and nothing more to him. I think he used your past connection to simply get some, use you for some company, then toss you the second someone else came into the picture. I would forget him, you two are so far apart, I can't see it working. I am sorry you are hurt from this. I hope you can move on!

  • You were a booty call. He has commitment issues, delete his phone number, facebook, everything. move on.


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