I just kissed my close friend, what should I do?

So my close friend was ganna leave in a few days to study abroad, as a goodbye I asked to hang out for the last time, at the end of the night we hugged, as I was about to break the hug we linked eyes for a few seconds, and bam! don't know what hit me I kissed him, as soon as I did that, I freaked out and ran away.
Now I have no idea what to do haven't spoken or seen him since than, been 2 days.


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  • Let it go. Tell him, and then let it go. Because you should let him go study abroad without the emotional baggage of a long distance relationship. I know it's hard but it's the selfless thing to do.

    • Very true that's why I was so careful these few months. But bam out of nowhere I just kissed and now am in big shit and don't know how to fix it.

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    • Just wait till after he goes abroad. You never know. Lol

    • Heheh well I hope so :)


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  • You definitely need to talk to him about it. I am guessing by the fact that you kissed him, you like him. I'm also guessing by the fact you ran away that you weren't really wanting to tell him. If this is the case, you should really talk to him and clear things up with him before he leaves. Maybe he likes you too and you guys will agree to give it a chance when he gets back. Maybe he doesn't feel that way and you can both use the time he's gone to forget it happened and have things be (somewhat) back to normal when he gets back.

    If you don't like him, you should also talk to him about that. Either way, he is really confused right now and as the one who initiated the kiss, I think you may be the one who owes him an explanation. But now is the time to do it. Carpe diem. Hope this helped.

    • Well you are guessing right
      I do like him but my plan was to never tell him so that maybe I can move on during the year his gone in. But I just had to fuck it up last minute..and now here I am trying to find ways to fix it.
      You are are since i was the one kissing i should be the one explaining, but i don't know what to say.

    • Next time you talk to him, it's going to be on both of you minds no matter what. That being said, I would say just message/text/call him, ask him if he has some time to talk quick (he'll know what it's about), and tell him how you feel. Before you do this though you need to be honest to yourself about what you want and are looking for. Also, if he's gone for a year it's probably better not to put him in a position he feels like you want him to wait for you? Maybe just see if there is any interest and if he'd be open to it if you're both available when he gets back?

    • I'm in kind of a similar situation right now myself (didn't kid my friend, but told her I liked her right before I left for the summer), so I have an idea of where you're at and how hard the conversation can be to start.
      www.girlsaskguys. com/user/thehoneybadger/questions
      (No space in.com)

  • Haahhaah ur eye ma eye "BOOM"
    And than took off as fast as possible LOL! I'd die laughing if i were him xD

    • I would be really relived if he thought it was funny, and forgot about or something.
      But I must admit that was embarrassing and hilarious in a way.

    • Dat was cute tho and laughable in a luvly way. If i were him, i'd wish dat moment last forever x)

    • Heheh well thanks :)
      I wish he thought of that moment as cute, but didn't really give him a chance to explain how he felt so can't really complain here.

  • Damn, sounds like something out of a love story.

    • Heheh lol in what way?
      to me it sounds like a nightmare.

  • You should talk to him about it. He probably feels bad that you ran away after the kiss lol it probably made him think "wow are my kissing skills that bad.."

    • It was just a peck there is no way he could go wrong with that.
      And it was just me kissing so doubt he can blame himself in that case.

  • the kiss might have took him off guard and did not know what to say or do just wait till he comes back then see how it goes from there you know love is and can be very blind at times

    • Yah am sure it has, I mean I did kiss him out of nowhere and worst ran away.

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    • He still didn't leave yet. I don't know what to say before he leaves to fix it.

    • call him and tell him that you need to talk to him then say the kiss I gave you is a good luck and miss you kiss

  • Now now if you don't want a relationship just tell them it was purely accidental

    • At this point I don't know what I want.
      And doubt he wants an explanation about me not wanting a relationship.

  • Yeah talk to him. Hey, it might work out. 😘😉

    • I guess so, but at the same It might end horribly. :(

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  • Talk to him!

    • What if his really mad
      I mean I did just invade his personal space and possibly sexually harassed him?

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    • Glad I could help! Everything will work out just fine. Plus he's going away to study abroad so it's not like you have to face him anytime soon and it will be easier to get over him because he won't be around. 8)

    • Yah at least I won't face him again in a while. I still feel really bad, but it was the moment and all. I've never done that with anyone before even am surprised at my actions.