Started to develop feelings for my friends with benefits, I don't know what to do, please help!?

I started to like my friends with benefits about a year ago. We've talked about being together and at the time a relationship wasn't something we wanted. A few months later he started seeing someone else so we decided to stop being friends with benefits for a while but recently we started hooking up together again. I thought that I could control my emotions and leave my feelings out but of course I was naive in thinking that.

We got into a huge argument and he told me that I shouldn't be fighting with him cause he wasn't my boyfriend. I explained to him how I've been feeling and I suggested that we should stopped talking/being friends if it made things easier. I apologized for upsetting him and all he said was that we'll talk later (as in later tonight or tomorrow) cause he was currently busy.

I don't want to lose my friend but I don't know how to be his friends with having feelings for him.


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  • Friends with benefits rarely works. I've found it worked with me and a guy because we weren't physically attracted to each other. We're still friends and good friends at that. We agreed that if either of us developed feelings we'd tell the other person and it would stop.
    My best friend wasn't as lucky, she liked we friends with benefits before they became that and she ended up losing him entirely from her life. Heartbreak doesn't last forever but friendships can if you want them too. I suggest getting some space for now but you don't have to take my advice. Do what you feel is right. Listen to your head here because you're heart is causing you pain, what do you want in a few years, do you want him in your life or not?


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  • the stupidest, easiest way out of it is: get your self a boyfriend (not him) this is the only way you can stay friends without your painfull feelings.

  • happens all the time man, its up to you either try to date her if she dosen't want to just be friends with her.Or just move on do things that you love doing man , thats what im trying to do with this one chick.

  • He has cancer...its TOO LATE!


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  • You have developed feelings and this is the pitfall with FWB. You have to decide, what you can do