Any good Ideas for special surprises?

In my spare time today I was thinking about how nice it would be to have a certain fellow I'm interested in send me a surprise or just let me know he was thinking of me. I was thinking of little things that I would like and then I found myself wondering what he would like. So I'm asking for ideas on both sides. Guys what do you like to give your girl and what do you like to receive?


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  • Cook for him, I would love it, if my girlfriend would make me a cake or cookies. But not too hard.
    Women can't cook these days, just try to be a little different from all the other girls.

    If he is good for you, he will know, that you are special.

    And please don't get naked too soon, if you behave like all the other sluts out there, you will be treated as such.

    What I would give: Flowers, chocolate, trip to a wellness hotel, a painting I made.

    • Thank you! Much better answer than the dirty ones :] and I happen to be a proficient cook so that idea really helps!


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  • If she looked anything like you, I'd settle for a rear view picture of el round booty and a flexed calves pose. Your eyes must be visible as well.

  • never expect things. that's one of the number one things we hate about women. that they are always expecting something

  • send him a vine of you naked. he'll love it.

  • attention, love and sex from a girl is what i want to receive, and/or come home to a beautiful girl who is naked and wants me 4 ever whether i know her or not


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