How do you know if a guy is fooling around or if he's interested in you?

This guy I've been guy seems like he's interested but when I casually text him he says things that sounds like he's fooling around or making a joke out of something that isn't funny. but I'm not sure. He is also 6years older than me


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  • There is no way to know.

    If there was, girls would all tell each other, and no guy could ever "fool around" without his girl knowing about it.

    But that's not how life is, is it?


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  • Feel him out...If he hasn't sent a message of "Let's hang some time,' then he is just this 'casual character' who is having some laughs and giggles, and wants to just stay friends.
    Good luck.xx

  • Easy. If he's more interested in what youve got to say, he is into you. If all he wants to do is touch you he just wants you for sex. From experience :/